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 The reason

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PostSubject: The reason   The reason EmptyThu 14 Jul - 18:46

First of all, welcome to you all, Corso enthusiasts. Welcom

Second, excuse my english! I usually speak french but to accomodate most of the Rustic owners, I decided to post in english.

The first goal of this website is to let people know the truth about this breeder of Cane Corso, Rustic Kennels located in Ontario, Canada.

I also wish that via this website, we will be able to share our experiences and to offer support to the ones that needs it, wherever they are.

I hope you will enjoy the board.



His story in video: ADVISED VIEWERS ONLY!

Quote :


my name is Annie, I am living on an Orchard in Quebec, Canada. (Sorry for my english, I usually speak french)

I had the chance of owning a beautiful Cane Corso puppy named Macko.

We found Angela / Rustic Kennels via her website. A beautiful website, with beautiful health-tested mutli-champions on it, with a beautiful 5 year warranty! I had find THE breeder!
Unfortunately, that year, I did not know that anybody can advertise anything on their website.... I did not know that anybody could advertise their dogs as champions even if they are not.... I did not know that you could sign a contract, promise the world, and run away.... I did not know...

Macko is the best dog I ever owned. A big and beautiful cuddler! We had a great time together.

We both liked obedience training and trials! Macko won a second place (with leash) at 4.5months old against adult dogs and a first place at 6 months (without leash) against adult dogs again! What a proud momma I was!
Soooo proud! I was taking pictures of Macko's certificates and prizes and was sending them to Angela! So proud!

This dog wanted to please so much! Unbelievable!
A real sweet heart on four legs! Wink

His favorite activities were laying on any member of the family, training, taking a walk in the orchard with his friend Bud and looking at me like I was the most wonderful thing in the world! Mr.Red You should have seen him, this way that he had to look at me... he was making me melt!
Oh I loved him so deeply.

Here he is:

The reason DSC00830

[The reason DSC01056

The reason 06052005040

The reason 06052005035_edited

The reason 27052005-3007

The reason 27052005-2008_edited

The reason 27052005-3010

Unfortunately, Macko started to have epilepsy in February 2005... very bad epilepsy. Sad
He immediately started to take strong medication every day.

After that, in between the seizures, we discovered that he had a bad hip, two bad knees, immune system problems, other neurological problems linked to his EP Crying or Very sad ... ... yes, in between two seizures, he had those neurological problems; at each occurence, lasting 3 days... he could barely walk like he had lost all his tonus in his legs... Falling at every 6-7 steps...

We really had a hard time (Macko and us)... we passed nights and nights and nights at the emergency vet.
We saw tons of vets and a neurologist to be sure to provide him the best of cares; to be sure to give him the best life he could have. Crying or Very sad

On June 1st, 2005. Macko unfortunately had cluster seizures. We brougth him in emergency to receive a 48 hours of intraveinous valliums and Phenobarbital to try to save his life.
That night, they discovered a pronounced heart murmur. Sad
That night, we decided that this wonderful dog, so kind, so eager to please, did not deserve to suffer like that anymore. Crying or Very sad

Macko left us on June 2nd 2005. Crying or Very sad Sad Crying or Very sad Sad

I want you all to know that his breeder was aware of the situation since the first day. After that, she changed her email address, moved, moved and moved.... she never sent me an email to see what was happening, she never called, she never helped, she never refund any money as stated in her contract/warranty, nor did she provided us with Macko's registration papers.

Dealing with Rustic Kennels will be my best and worst experience of all my life. The best one: for Macko. The worst one: for Angela.

To finish on a more positive note, here is my favorite tought:
Macko is now upthere, happy and healthy, looking at me like he always did... like I am the most wonderful thing in the world.

Love you Baby,


Edit: in 2009, I finally received a 500$ check for the undelivered pup. But,nothing yet for the health warranty.
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The reason
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